Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Sweetie" is a dirty word?

I was watching the news this morning and the tease was about Barak Obama calling a reporter "a name". This intrigued me and even though I am so bored and disgusted with the election coverage I decided to see what horrible thing he could have said. It seems in passing he called a reporter "sweetie". For all the drama I was expecting something along the lines of when Barbara Bush refered to Hillary CLinton as a "Bitch". Good grief! My dog is named Sweetie! The other is "Honey". (As a side note, my husband never knows if I am yelling at him or the dog. Not that I have to tell him not to eat out of the litter box!) I never realized I was so politically incorrect. Of all the things to raise a fuss over its calling someone sweetie? What happened to real news reporting?

There are other words that I think are far worse for referring to people. I hate when I hear guys refer to girls as "Hos". That is in my opinion a very disrespectful term. I am also bothered by the use of the "N" word. When I was growing up, I was taught that was a derogatory term and I would have had my mouth washed out with soap for using it. Its also sad to hear so much profanity in entertainment. My Mom always told me that there are lots of better words to use and a smart person can use those words instead. (I am not saying that I have never sworn like a sailor on occassion, but I tend to keep it out of my general conversation.) You have to love Shakespeare in his ability to craft an insult in such a way that you utake it as a compliment because it sounds so pretty.

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