Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CBS Cares - Just a little too much!

CBS is launching a new sweepstakes as part of its community service outreach. If you are the lucky winner, CBS will fly you and a companion to New York City for a 3 night stay at the Loews Regency Hotel and a .... FREE COLONOSCOPY!

From the website:

This is an actual sweepstakes and, if you are the grand prize winner, we will fly you and a companion to New York where you will receive a free colonoscopy. You will also be given three nights' accommodation in a suite at the luxurious Loews Regency Hotel, which will include the night before you are "awarded" the colonoscopy.

What should you expect if you are the lucky winner?

The hardest part is the preparation the night before when you drink a laxative. This laxative is well known for declaring itself at the very moment you have called a relative or friend (or room service) to comment that it does not seem to be working. But hang in, because it's important to have a clear colon for the screening and the fun part is about to begin --

The colonoscopy at the Center for Specialty Care will be done by Dr. Paul Miskovitz -- a leading gastro-enterologist in New York City and expert on colorectal cancer. When the colonoscopy is about to begin, you'll be given drugs which will make you feel like you're at Woodstock... only without the music. If you start to believe that you actually are at Woodstock (for example, Dr. Miskovitz starts to look like Jimi Hendrix or you feel inclined to say "far out!" in response to questions), please report the side effect to Dr. Miskovitz or Jimi Hendrix (whomever you see first) immediately.

Now just in case you were wondering what to get Bob (who turns 50 this year) for his birthday...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lazy Rainy Sunday

Today is one of those lovely rainy days just made for sitting inside by the fire with a good book, a good movie or a knitting project. While I don't have the fire, I have books, movies and knitting to last me for quite some time. Laundry is also keeping me company, as are 3 cats who want to cuddle with my knitting. I am currently working on a scarf for Christmas at Sea and will start some children's hats for Sariah's Father who is a combat medic in Afghanistan. He is distributing baby formula to families in the region. Hey, the best way to combat the terrorists is to fight ignorance and poverty with kindness!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Lately I have felt like someone gave me a membership to the "Germ of the Month Club" and neglected to tell me. I am back to feeling better again with just a residual cough. Yesterday, on our day off we had to do some emergency fence repairs. Part of the fence in the back yard blew down and our dogs were visiting next door at Randy's. Its too wet to reset the 4x4 post in concrete so we did a quick fix. Or should I say Bob & Chuck did the work and I stayed in the house and knit. (I like that system)

And no, I do not know when Chuck is due.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Customer Service Dilemna

Today at Bob's work they encountered a customer service dilemma. A customer was doing and even exchange on a dresser (customer returns a dresser they bought because of damage and exchange it for another of the same model). When this happens, the returned item is inspected to see if it can be repaired and then resold in the clearance center, returned to vendor or trashed. While inspecting said dresser, the technician came across a set of "anal beads". Now here is the dilemma. Do you you:

A) Call customer and tell them to come pick they up;
B) UPS them back to customer; or
C) Put on your hazmat gloves and dispose of them?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Browns Fans Need Love Too.

Some Browns fans needed a little extra love today after watching the Steelers win their sixth Superbowl.