Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intervention for a Dog?

Every now and the, Bob gets a little stressed and will fix himself a crown and coke and relax in the evening. (One bottle will last about a year and a half in our house at the rate he drinks) Yesterday evening, Bob was tired, and vegging out before heading to bed. I was in the den and he came to tell me something and when he came back in the living room he yelled "What the Hell?" It seems that our alcoholic dog, Honey (who will steal beer cans, drink the beer and eat the can - we think she's part goat) was on the couch slurping his drink. Bob was not amused. Honey seemed to enjoy it. I am wondering if I should stage an intervention.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sleeping In...NOT!

Weekend mornings are supposed to be for sleeping in. That rarely happens in this house with 5 critter who keep devising new ways to get me out of bed in the morning. There is Sweetie Pie with the "potty dance" which is a 55 pound dog tap dancing on hardwood floors sounding like the entire Rockette's kick line in your bedroom. There is Honey Bun the 75 poung dog who either tries to tip toe across the bed, licks your face or her newest trick of sneezing directly on her intended target's face. MoMo gets right in my face and starts meowing trying to convinve me he is starving to death and hasn't eatten in days. Sayuri, is more subtle and just stares at you until you get that creepy feeling that someone is watching you and open your eyes to a cat face 2 inches from yours.

Well this morning, Miss Itty Bitty got in on the act. I was sleeping on my side and she was curled up with her head on my shoulder. I awole to the sounds of "HAAAHHK HAAHHK HAAHHK" directly in my ear and realized I was about to get a very unpleasant wake up call. I rolled over quickly flinging Miss Thing to the floor where she produced her offering. Not how I wanted to wake up. I went to clean it up and almost experienced a sympathetic response and then would have had an even bigger mess to clean up!

Ok Ok! I'm awake now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Travels on a Wednesday.

Its so nice to have a day off in the middle of the week.

This morning Bob decided to make breakfast so we lingered over french toast and bacon while we decided what to do today. I have been wanting to take our old freezer to the dump so we decided that would be the activity of the morning. Bob loaded it in the back of the truck and off we went. The dump is no fun place in our town. You drive in, pay your fee and then back into one of the unloading bays and step out into a world of stink. I am amazed at what people throw away. I saw furniture that needed minor repairs and a fake ficus in perfect condition. Sometimes I get disgusted by the waste in our society.

As we pulled out and headed back down Fruitridge we decided spur of the moment to take a drive. We ended up heading out the Jackson Highway. It was so nice to hear meadowlarks singing and see wide open fields. I wish I had brought my camera, but this was an unplanned trip. We saw yarn on the hoof (sheep) and many herds of beef cattle. Let me interject here that I am glad I am not a cow. I watched some of those calves having breakfast and have to say if I were Momma Cow I would be putting an end to the head butt thing while nursing!

We ended up in Placerville and since IO had always wanted to try it, we decided to have lunch at Sweetie Pie's. Its located on Main Street in an old Victorian home that was built around 1865. They have restored it and the food is great. I had a chili rellano casserole and Bob had a french dip. We decided we would have to come back and try their breakfast menu. Best of all, they are right next door to Lofty Lou's, Placerville's yarn shop. Let's just say I fell off my yarn diet today. Its a tiny shop but the people are very friendly. They had some interesting yarn made from, of all things, banana fiber. It felt like the stringy part of the peel, but not slimy. One of the girls also showed me a yarn made of 100% sugar cane. It was very smooth and silky like the bamboo yarn I have seen. I am amazed at what they make yarn out of these days. I guess if times were tough I could try to eat my stash!

As I type this, Bob is firing up the grill for dinner. This has been such a wonderful relaxing day!