Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intervention for a Dog?

Every now and the, Bob gets a little stressed and will fix himself a crown and coke and relax in the evening. (One bottle will last about a year and a half in our house at the rate he drinks) Yesterday evening, Bob was tired, and vegging out before heading to bed. I was in the den and he came to tell me something and when he came back in the living room he yelled "What the Hell?" It seems that our alcoholic dog, Honey (who will steal beer cans, drink the beer and eat the can - we think she's part goat) was on the couch slurping his drink. Bob was not amused. Honey seemed to enjoy it. I am wondering if I should stage an intervention.


bev said...

What a lush of a dog you have! Better keep him away from the bottle. Or, tell the DH not to be such an enabler.

BeadsandYarn said...

Intervention?? Why? A dog only lives once you know ;)