Sunday, May 4, 2008


Yesterday, we were in Reno for our annual end of the year sweeper tournement for bowling. We held it at the National bowling stadium in downtown Reno which hosts PBA events and was where part of the movie "Kingpin" was filmed. All I can say os WOW. This place is huge. Our entire alley could fit in the pro shop. Wish I could say that I bowled up to their standards but sad to say I sucked. Big time. Did not even make my average. Bob however had a great series. Some of the guys decided to do a poker game: for every strike or every 2 spares you got a card with highest for each game taking the pot. Bob loves poker and this was a real inspiration for him to do well. (He actually won the Men's handicap series for the tournement.) Our team is thinking that we may do this for the regular season if it gets him to bowl this well. Sort of like Scooby Snacks. I bowled like crap until halfway through the 3rd game when I convinced Bob to give me $1 for every mark. For some reason I started to do better after that. Wish I had thought of that earlier in the series!

Bob did well playing slots. Not me. Heck, I couldn't even get money from the ATM machine at the bank! (It ran out just before I stepped up there!) I am glad to be home and out of all the smoke in the casinos.

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