Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday morning ramblings

That lovely fishnet scarf of the bamboo yarn? I frogged it. I dropped a stitch and got frustrated. Will restart it soon. In the meantime, I am working on the socks for Randy. I just have to do the toe decreases and then I am done with the first. They are for Christmas so I am well ahead of schedule. (He knows about them since I kept quizzing him about his foot size and he's practically a rocket scientist!)I am also starting something "Elvis" for my mother-in-law and her her no so secret crush on the King. I need to dig out some of the UFO's and get them finished. I keep seeing new projects I want to start but I can't justify buying more yarn. That hasn't stopped me, but I just can't justify the purchases!

On to different things. I had a phone interview yesterday. I think it went well. The company is 4 miles from the house and the hours are very flexible. I know the 2 owners and they are really nice guys. I have been enjoying my "Sabbatical", but it would be nice to be getting a paycheck again. The cool thing about being off work has been the realization that we could easily be a one income family. We have not really sacrificed a lot these past few months. We are still able to do what we enjoy. Its been a nice realization.

And now for something completely different: I saw a commercial the other day that stated "If you or a love one have died of cancer, call today". Do you see a problem with that? I for one really hope there are no annoying cell phone in heaven!

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