Friday, May 2, 2008

Blonds do not always have more fun!

Ever watch those Funny Video shows where some one drives home with the gas pump hose attached? I always laughed at them. Today I became one of them.

I spent the morning getting everything ready for the Reno trip. Dogs to be boarded, last minute packing, making sandwiches, cleaning the kitchen etc. I headed out to get Bob when he got off work so we could head up the mountain. (I decided to drive up so he could drive home and I could nap on the way back) We still needed to get gas so we stopped in Granite Bay on our way to 80. Bob filled the rear tank and then started filling the front tank. After a while be came up to the drivers side and handed me the keys to the gas tanks and said he was going inside to cash in some lottery tickets. I sat and waited. It was taking a while for him to come back and there was a line at the pump. I assumed, since he had given me the keys, that he was done, so I decided to pull around and wait for him. I started to pull forward and then heard a strange noise. I looked in my side mirror and noticed my truck had a tentacle. I backed up and turned off the truck. Luckily, the front tank was full and the pump had shut off. I went inside where Bob was at the head of a line at the counter cashing in his tickets.

"Um, Honey? We have a problem."
"You weren't done pumping gas."
"Yeah. So."
"I sort of didn't realize that."
(puzzled look)
"I pulled the hose off the pump."
(stern look)
"Does it help that I feel like a total idiot?"
"Not really!"

We gave our information to the attendant.So now we are waiting to hear from them how much my stupidity will cost to repair.

Not good sign for me to gamble in Reno!

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