Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Done!

I have finally finished the never ending scarf. Final length is 9 feet 9 inches. Thank God I finally ran out of yarn. It looks great, even though it was mindless and boring and drove me bonkers. Didn't help when Bob would keep making comments like "It's kind of long isn't it?" Well no shit! That's the point. I kept wanting to put the darn thing in hibernation but all the new projects I wanted to start need size 8 needles and I was not going to buy another pair because I was too lazy to finish the scarf! Even Mo was bored with it!

Now I am starting on a fishnet lace scarf from my "Ocean Breezes" book using Southwest Trading Company Bamboo yarn. Yes, that's right. The yarn is made from bamboo!

The pattern is kind of tricky and awkward to work at first, but its easy to memorize.

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