Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sick Puppy :(

Poor Honey Bunny had to go back to the vet today. About 5pm last night she began vomiting and could not even keep water down. The emergency vet suggested feeding her some cottage cheese or rice to get something in her stomach to possibly settle it. At 11 pm there are not a lot of places to get cottage cheese. Bob ended up getting some at Denny's. He came home and proceeded to tell me that he had started knocking on the neighbors doors until he got some. I was exhausted and worried and in no mood for his joke. She continued to have issues every hour until about 4am when we all fell asleep from exhaustion. I called the regular vet as soon as they opened and they got her in ASAP. They drew some blood and pumped her with fluids. They think she may have worked herself up so much to develop a case of pancreatitis. She is doing better now, looking for food and water which we can't give her until this evening. She is back in the house for the day. Poor Sweetie does not understand what is going on. Even though Honey picks on her she does not understand why Honey gets to stay inside all day.

I have spent a good part of the day cleaning up dog vomit. (Don't you wish you were me?)I need to mop the kitchen & dining room floors but that can wait until she is ready to be outside again. Poor baby. She looks so unhappy. She thinks she will get in trouble for vomiting. She lets me brush her which normally she has trouble sitting still for. I think I have removed enough hair to make another dog at this point!

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