Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Man is Back!

Its been almost 20 years, but my man has finally returned. I had always held out hope that someday he would come back into my life. Just to see that smirk again, the little scar on his chin and the trademark fedora and bullwhip send shivers down my spine.

Yes, Indiana Jones is back. (My husband and I have an understanding. If Indiana Jones came to the door I would be gone in a heartbeat. Of course if Jessica Alba showed up I would have to say the door would not hit him in the ass as he ran out after her!) He is a little older and a little wiser. As he said back in Raiders, "its not the years, its the mileage".

As an anthropology major, I know what he does is not true archaeology, and some of the historical references are off, but watching him is like being a kid again at the Saturday matinee. He can still fight the bad guys (and gals) and keep you on the edge of your seat. Of course there were a few "EW!" moments a la "Temple of Doom".

Marion is back as well. The only woman who could really keep up with Indy along with the next generation "Mutt". Marion is as feisty as ever and her smile is still as bright. She has aged too, but the years have been kind to her.

The entire movie was a great romp and I really enjoyed the ending. Let's just say, Indy may be old, but he ain't dead yet! Who knows, maybe we will see more of him. I sure hope so!

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Anonymous said...

You must have goo-goo-ga-ga eyes during the whole lot of the movie. So, if he left Calista Flockhart and asked you out, would you tell Bob, "See ya later!" LOL..

See you on Thursday!!