Friday, June 13, 2008

We Got A Pool!

The other day while buying dog food, we decided to spend $10 and buy one of the cheap pools for the dogs, one of whom has been dabbling her paws in the water bowl. We figured we could afford to pay that much for something that Honey may eventually eat!

Both Honey and Sweetie showed some interest at first.

Then Honey realized "Its a giant water bowl" and wandered off.

Sweetie however...

thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread or whatever the doggie equivalent is.

We have moved the pool to a different part of the yard. It no longer resembles a pool as much as a mud pit. I guess even dogs need spa treatments!

1 comment:

JamieL said...

That is so cute! When I was a kid and we had a little pool, our dogs thought the exact same thing... "a giant waterbowl... cool!"

I love dogs. :)