Saturday, June 14, 2008

No Baby Alpacas For Me :(

I was mentioning to Bob that one of the Ravelry Forums had a topic entitled "Baby Alpaca Giveaway". Before I could say any more a loud "NO!" came flying at me.

"But honey, its yarn.'
"No More pets."
"Bob, I think its always been no more cats."
"No. More. Pets."
"But an alpaca could trim the grass so you wouldn't have to."
"You like the fingerless gloves I made you from the Baby Alpaca yarn."
"I said NO!"

At this point I began pondering how I could disguise an alpaca to resemble a dog. I don't think I can fool him though. He seems pretty adamant about this one. But he is going to Ohio next month for a few days...

1 comment:

JamieL said...

No baby Alpacas? That's just mean!

Then again my family said the same thing... and we even have a farm!

There has to be some way to plot around this "no" response thing... -.-