Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quiet Sunday

The weather has been so nice this past month. Other than a few days where the temps got up to over 100 degrees, it has been in the 80s and breezy. Its so nice to have the house open up during the day. I also love going out on the patio, sitting under the umbrella and knitting. Of course it can be a challenge when 80 pounds of dog tries to help.

Honey and Sweetie are both "spacially challenged". They are under the impression that they are both the same size as the cats and can lay on us and cuddle like the kitties do. Its cute to have 10 pounds of cat curl up on your lap. Not so cute when its 80 pounds of dog!

Been enjoying the Farmers Markets around town. Today I met our friends Scott and Kim (the Newlyweds!) and went to the market under the freeway downtown. This one is twice as big as the one I normally go to. They actually had a butcher and a fishmonger at this one. There were tons of people there today as well! I bought some vanilla quark as I am making a blackbottom strawberry pie. Super simple:

Make a crust (Thank God for the Keebler Elves). Add a layer of hot fudge topping, Let cool. Layer on quark or cream cheese mixed with powdered sugar. Layer sliced and hulled straberries with glaze. Chill. Top with whipped cream (optional). Eat!

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