Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm Feelin' Hot, Hot Hot!

I'm Feelin' Hot, Hot Hot! And not in the good way. Its just after 4pm and the temperature is 106. I of course am always greatful that I do not live in a place with high humidity because I know I would melt like the with in "The Wizard of Oz". Its days like today that make me consider becoming a nudist. (Pasty white, fat chicks who burn like lobsters should never consider becoming nudists. Not gonna happen until I get better curtains: don't want to scare the neighbors.)

So I am trying to conserve movement and just knitting so I feel like I am doing something productive. I have a huge stash of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick that I bought at Hancock Fabrics in Elk Grove at their going out of business sale. I had this great idea to knit up a bunch of squares, sew them together and make blankets. Lots of square of boring mindless garter stitch. Lots of ball of yarn. I think when I laid out the squares I thought I would make them 9 x 9. Thats 81 squares. What the Hell was I thinking?

Now you must realize that I am not a person to throw yarn away. No matter how much I start to hate it (its not the yarn's fault!). I spent money on it (Great sale price by the way!) so damn it, I will use it!

I am not a yarn snob. I have met people who will knit with nothing less that pure wool and despise fun fur. I have a fun fur scarf that I wear quite often (not today of course...duh!) that I love and get many comppliments on. Yarn does not make the knitter. Its the inner talent and creative drive.

I see it in photography. I have seen people who go out and by the "most expensive" equipment they can find, but if you do not have the eye or the passion for photography, your pictures will show it.

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