Monday, June 30, 2008

More homemade goodies!

13 half pints of strwberry jam and half a flat of strawberries left! Looks like another batch is in the works. (I had some of the leftovers on toast this morning and it was pretty yummy!) Apricots are done in the dehydrator. I am thinking about drying some of the fresh shitake mushrooms now. We picked our first zuccini of the season and its being stuffed with ground turkey, rice and tomatoes as I type. I need to re-organzie the shelves in the garage to store all the home-made goodies.

Today I am taking it easy and knitting on the cable comfort throw. I started panel 2 of 5 and its going pretty quickly. I plan on seewing the panels as I finish so I am not hit with all the sewing at the end.

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