Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We done got us some culture today

The air quality in the Valley has been horrible the past few days. There are so many fires buring around the area that the air is smokey and hazy. If I wanted air I could chew I would live in L.A.!
This morning, Bob and I finally made it down to the Crocker Art Museum to see the current exhibit "The Language of the Nude". Its been a while since we have been down there. I think I enjoy the architectural details in the building as much as the works of art. The exhibit consisted of artists' sketches and drawings of the human figure. Artists ranged from the unknown to the well known like Albrecht Durer and Peter Paul Rubens.

We also toured through the rest of the museum. I enjoy the Salon on the second floor which has one room that displays paintings in the "salon style": numerous paintings of all sizes and types covering every inch of wall space. This is reminiscent of how paintings were displayed in French Salons.
Afterwards we decided to go have lunch. As we were driving near the capitol I spotted the Stanford Mansion and thought I would take a picture as we drove by.

This is the lovely tree that decided that it wanted its picture taken instead. (I have never been great at action shots!)

We stopped for lunch at "Opa Opa" a little Greek restaurant near Sac State. We both got Gyro's and the Summer in Athens Salad. The food was excellent and we will be going back again. Hopefully with our friends Scott and Kim who live a few blocks away.

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