Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday in the park with Bob

Today was a beautiful day. Lots of puffy clouds and the sun peeking out withthe hint of spring. Since Bob had the day off, we decided to head to the park and enjoy the glorious day. Our first stop on the way was to the dollar store to buy bags of unsalted peanuts to feed the squirrels in the park. I don't know why, but I love being able to get them to come up and take peanuts from my hands. (Of course while the ones in front are distracting you with their cuteness, the rest sneak up behind you and steal your peanuts, car keys, wallet...)

Stop number two was at the "Pasty Shack". Now before you go thinking that our day in the park involved some strange "hootchie kootchie" dance with small rodents I should explain what a pasty is. A pasty is a pastry shell stuffed with meat, onions, potatoes and spices and is part of the cuisine of Cornwall. Cornish miners came to California during the gold rush to work in the gold mines since at the time there was decline in mining in their native Cornwall. The Cornish miners were skilled hard rock miners and brought their talents and their pasties to Northern California.

We enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch in the park and were soon joined by a small but lively gathering of squirrels. After a while we sauntered around the pond watching the ducks, geese and people along our way.

It was such a relaxing afternoon and so wonderful to be able to spend a whole day with my husband.

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