Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bad Blogger

Its been while since I last posted. Packages have arrived. I got a lovely dried flower wreath from Mary. Its very lovely and I need to decide where to hang it where it won't get knocked around and the cats can't mess with it. On the same day, we also welcomed "Flat Stanley" to our house from SIL Jen's house in Ohio. More on him in a future blog. A third box arrived on Friday, full of Bernat Denim Style Yarn I bought on E-bay (9 skeins WOO HOO!) I have already cast on a pair of cozy house socks for me in the "weathered rose" color. Most of these will become socks. Love the yarn as it is soft and cozy. Love the first pair of socks I made with it. (1st pair I actually made for me!)

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bev said...

Hey you bad blogger you! You made a little something for you. That is great!