Saturday, March 8, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

I have a theory that there are members of my household who do not want me to use the computer. Some are subtle in their machinations and some are downright blunt.

My DH for example. As soon as I sit at the computer he finds some reason to come in and talk to me. We could have spent the entire day together, but as soon as I sit at the computer he has to come in and pester me.

The cats are more subtle. I think they save up all day and then come to the litter box just outside the door of the den to "make almod roca". They must be snacking on somethiing other than their regular food to make me gag like that!

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Emma of Flitwick said...

I have this same problem with the phone. No one wants to talk to me in the house until the phone rings.