Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter In The Valley

Winter here in the Sacramento Valley means fog. Winter mornings are gray, damp, drippy and cold. By about 11 am the sun manages to burn through and brighten things up, but there is no heat in the sunshine. The bulbs out front are hinting at the promise of spring. We have little sprouts on the hyacinth and tulips. I have not seen the daffodils, but I think they became squirrel hors d'oeuvres some time ago. Days like this It is pleasant to be inside knitting. Now that the holidays are over I do not feel the mad rush to finish projects. I still have one pair of socks to finish, but I need to try one on the recipient to see if I have them long enough to start the toes decreases.

Yesterday, I was at a birthday party and was approached by Father Candy who informed me that he loves his fingerless gloves and would like another pair and a pair for Mother Candy. Now a request from Father Candy is very much like a request from the Godfather. Its an "offer you can't refuse". I have some Baby Alpaca Grande laying around and I will see if I have some chunky wool blend in the stash.

The only hazard to knitting is the fact that when its cold, the cats become far more cuddly. Its not that they like you more, its the fact that you are a warm place to lay. At night you can gauge temperature by how many critters end up in bed with you. Sweetie Pie now lays in the bedroom and soon as Bob gets up she dances around until he lifts her on the bed and then she snuggles in the mink blanket in doggie heaven. I think she would stay there all day if she could.

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bev said...

I miss the California fog. There isn't any fog like it in the world! Don't you love it when someone appreciates a gift so much they ask for more? That is wonderful and you should listen to Father Candy! Glad Miss IttyBitty is home and that all are cozy and warm in your bed. Oh, is there room for you and the DH?