Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meeting Louisa Harding

Today, my local yarn shop, Babetta's Yarn and Gifts had a real live knitting designer, Louisa Harding, come in for a book signing. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I have never met a famous knitting designer in person. I kept pestering my Knit Night Group about proper etiquette for encountering a designer. Was I supposed to curtsey (she is British) or fall prostrate on the ground and grovel? While no one was quite sure, they did think that there might be some ritualistic washing of fleece.

The big day arrived and I wore one of my 2 knitting shirts ( The "I learned to Knit in Prison" one)courtesy of Franklin.
Some of us were very well behaved.

Some of us were a little excited at the prospect of meeting someone famous.

Ms Harding arrived and was so sweet and gracious. She brought many of her designs knitted up so you could see them in person. Its one thing to see a design in a book and another to see it in real life where you can touch it and try it on. Lisette had knit up one of Ms. Harding's designs and finished it in time to wear to the signing. Louisa was flattered and then insisted on having her try on another of her designs.

Doesn't she look fabulous?

Ms. Harding was so nice and gracious and took time to visit with everyone. It was so nice to see her designs and how they look on real people like Dame Edna, aka Adeline

Maya, Babetta's daughter, and Maya's lovely children,

and Kelly who was just a little shy about taking her turn on the catwalk.

Louisa Harding very graciously signed books and chatted with everyone. She also talked about what some of her inspirations were.
Louisa and Chantal,

with Claire and Alexander,

with Kelly,

with Carrie,

with Adeline,

with Val,

and with me. Did I mention how gracious and patient Ms. Harding is?

really patient

I am looking forward to knitting up some of the deigns from the books I bought and can't want for the next designer Babetta schedules!


Gomerriffic said...

wow that was a fun day! I especially like that you could touch the designs. Rajasthan is my fav book.

bev said...

You all had a blast, or else you lie really well. Lucky you, a LYS and seeing a real live in the flesh designer that is famous and everything!

Another fun post!

lalakim said...

thanks for your sweet email on ravelry and for posting these pictures! i sooo wanted to go to the book signing, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

life has been a little crazy with new baby and new house in rocklin but i am determined to make it out to babetta's one of these thursdays. are you on facebook? take care!