Saturday, July 12, 2008

What not to wear over 40

There is an article on AOL this morning on "What Not to Wear if You Are Over 40". I, being in that age category, thought I should peruse this to see if I am in danger of offending the Fashion Police when I go out in public.

1. Writing on your bottom: This is a no brainer. If I had something written on my tush it would probably read "Wide Load" or "Wet Paint". This is one of those fashion trends that I thought was rather ridiculous to begin with. (Of course I do tease people that I am going to get a "B" tattooed on each but cheek so when I bend over it spells my husband's name)

2. String bikini: HAHAHA! Oo! I think I ruptured something there. No one, not even me, wants to see this pasty white body in a string bikini. I burn bad enough as it is thanks to my Scandinavian background.

3. All Over Prints: Nothing says "The Circus is in Town" like an all over print.

4, Crocs: Is it just me or are these incredibly ugly shoes?

5. Leggings: These have always been in the same category as sweats to me. If you are wearing them as part of your regular wardrobe out in public, you are just to tired to care anymore. I love my sweats around the house, but I would not wear them to the store. (There are a lot of clothes I wear around the house that I would not wear in public.)

6. Backpacks: Now this is just stupid! Backpacks have a place. They are great when traveling, if you are back at school, going hiking.

and finally

7. Baby Doll Dresses: I have never liked this style. Empire waists tend to make everyone look pregnant, even the toothpick thin. They are fine of you are 5 but I think that after that, they look ridiculous.

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