Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot and Smoky ... again

The sky outside is a hazy yellowy brown and everything smells of grass fire smoke. It almost looks like January in the valley where everything is hidden in mist but then you step outside into an oven. It was 106 in the shade yesterday at 2pm and it had not even reached the high. Today is no better. We are staying inside and bringing the dogs in. Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen would be out there in that heat and yuck!

We did have a little scare yesterday. Firetrucks came rushing down the street and pulled around the corner to where the Community Garden is. A small grass fire had ignited. It only burned a small section of the deer fence and the garden, but burned a good chunk of the field behind. This is only about a block from the house and with it being so dry out there, its pretty scary.

We stopped by this morning to take some pictures, but of course the battery in the camera died. I noticed some smoke and Bob got one of the Gardeners to get a bucket of water and he doused a hot spot that flared up in the bark chips.

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