Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sutter Park Site

Its been a busy week. Bob got back Monday night at 11pm. He had a greta time visiting his family and at his reunion. He was amazed to note tat he went to school witha "bunch of old people".

My new job is going great. I am settling into the new computer system and really enjoying the people and the whole atmosphere of the office.

This morning I attended a meeting at the Carmichael Park Community Center to discuss how the Sutter Park Site will be developed. It was really nice to see a good turnout and to meet some of my neighbors. From the sounds of it, they will be adding walking trails, small picnic areas, a lawn area and a small playground (swings & a slide) as well as connecting it to the Charles Jensen Botanic Gardens. No one really wants ball fields which would bring a lot of outside leagues to take over the park. It will be so nice to have them finally utilizing this land. The Park district has owned the site for many years and this is the first time that a plan to develop has moved forward. So far the only use has been a community garden which has a great following in the community. I think the plan will definately be neighborhood and family oriented.

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bev said...

I love the idea of community parks and gardens! It sounds so wonderful. Keep posting about the progress here. What I like the most was the "no ball parks" in the park. Hate the "sports" mentality that some parks instill.