Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Swap Package!

Its always a good day when a package arrives; especially if the package contains yarn! Today I got my Mystery Swap package from Jessica in MA.Lots of cool stuff:

Some lovely tapestry fabric samples; 2 skeins of Atacama 100% alpaca (mmmmmalpaca); a skein of Knit Picks Gloss in celery; an absolutely hysterical postcard of Turkmenistan Wrestlers (they have what appear to be gigantic pompoms on their heads) from her recent trip there; little party drink umbrellas; size 6 needles, a mix cd of ocean music; travel sewing kit; metric measuring tape, amethyst bead bracelet, a beaded ocean ring; a stamp and scratch art kit which looks like fun, a cowl pattern; energizing and relaxing tea and tropical shake and go drink mixes which I can't wait to try.

Oh what to knit, what to knit!

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