Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its Finally Done!!!

The bathroom is done! Finally! It started off with a soft spot on the linoleum behind the toilet so we decided to tear out the floor. With the floor out, it seemed like a good time to repaint and go from the bright yellow to a slightly more mellow color. Then the vent fan died so we put in a new one. And since I have never liked the old light fixture (one of those bar lights with six bulbs that made you feel like you were on an airstrip when you brushed your teeth) we installed a new one one of those. Oh and lets do the door too while we're at it and sand out the old paint runs and drips. Well we're gonna need some new towels now.

For many months, everything has been done except laying the tile. Bob finally did that last week. Since this is the only bathroom in the house, he started the job on a Tuesday which is his day off, but not mine. Careful planning was done by all, meaning I fully utilized the facilities at work and bowling on Tuesday. The tile has to sit for 24 hours before you can grout it. So Wednesday morning was somewhat challenging for me, but in true "pioneer style" I managed quite well. The problems started when Bob we to put the toilet back in. The first flush indicated that the tank had become loosened in the move from the dining room back into the bathroom. Bob took the toilet out and proceeded to have an argument with it. The toilet lost. So Bob got to take a trip to Home Depot and purchase a new "low flow" toilet. (In answer to the questions on everyone's mind, yes, it is quite capable of handling everything we have put in it with no problem) Slight problem. The newer toilets are taller that the older models. Our new toilet is 29 inches high where the old one was 27. When installed, the new one fits under the counter, but we can't get the lid on the tank. The counter covers it so I have no problem with that. The new toilet seat is also slightly higher which took a little getting used to but I like it.

So here are the pictures you have all been waiting for. Now Bob thinks the tiles are slightly crooked, But I really don't see it. I think he did an awesome job!

I really love the tile floor!

The shower curtain is striped with pale blue, pale green and white: the colors of beach glass.

Yes, those are Bob's socks drying on the blockers.

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