Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stop The Voices!

It started off innocently enough. Karen from my knitting group brought in some delightful caramels from Bequet Confections : caramels with celtic sea salt. It sounds like an odd combination, but they are heavenly. I decided I needed to buy some for myself. They arrived yesterday and I thought I would take a few into work to share.

I tell you these things are evil! All day long I could hear this little voice calling from my desk drawer. "Eat Me!" "You know you want some."

Now if I were at home things would be different. The little caramels voices would be drowned out by all the other voices at home crying out: "Wash me!" "Vaccuum me!" "Clean the toilet." The voices would have become just white noise. But no! Here are work they are loud and clear and I have been helpless to resist them. (Resistance is futile!)

I will just have to blame Karen for introducing me to them.

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