Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sayuri kisses

I was sitting at the computer tonight when Bob comes in and says "come see what your stupid kid is doing." (Notice how when they do something stupid they are suddenly mine) I walk out to see Sayuri sitting on the dining room table. In front of her is a bowl with Hershey kisses in it. She is methodicly taking a paw and scoping one out on her paw and then chewing on the paper before dropping it on the table and batting it to the floor. She then goes on to the next one. I am sure that she thinks this is some kind of wildly entertaining cat game like batting at the water in the dog's water bowl. (She tries not to let me see that one but there is always a trail of wet footprints leading right to her) I look at her incredulously "What are you doing?" She runs over to me "Prrrpppp*?" (*I wasn't doing anything Mom. Honest)

Cats are so entertaining.

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