Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And from great clouds of gas new stars are formed

I think Bob & I created a galaxy yesterday with his idea to eat sauerkraut and kielbasa!

Woke up yesterday to watch the Rose Parade, a tradition in my family. Dad grew up in Pasadena. It always amazes me what ideas the float makers come up with. After the parade it was football, football and then some more football. With a nap thrown in for good measure.

Today was a trip to Wallymart to buy.....a new vacuum! Ooo! We decided on one of the bagless. Its still in the novelty stage where it is fun to vacuum, but I have no doubt that will wear off soon. It definitely has the "EW" factor. You vacuum a small portion of the floor and the open the canister to find you have enough hair and yuck to make a Golem Dog.

With the new year comes the desire to clean and organize. This will last a couple of weeks so I will take advantage of it while it lasts and do some organizing. I(ts sad to know yourself so well! Cleaning is not my obsession.)

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