Sunday, January 27, 2008

Relatively quiet weekend

Its been a relatively quiet weekend. Susie Q. is in town visiting her Dad and cooking up a storm. Of course the oven is not co-operating in her venture by failing to maintain and even heat. It will go from 250 - 500 and down to 350 with no warning. Makes cooking interesting. She is baking lasagna, and meatloaf and quiches (one of which she brought down to us). Between us bring her Dad meals several time a week, people from his coffee group bring him food and one of the kids cooking up a passel of food when they come down, I think poor Mr. McC will end up weighing 400 pounds by the end of the year! He is not known for his cooking abilities other than making a pretty mean oatmeal. He is very skilled at reheating things though!

After our lovely meal of quiche, Bob and I tried to watch the movie "Flight Plan" which was not grabbing either one of us. So when the firetrucks appeared across the street, that seemed like a much more interesting show. No fire, but ambulances went to the last house of the drive and took in 2 gurneys. When things like this happen everyone in the neighborhood shows up and catches up while waiting to see what is happening. Seems that 2 of the kids may have had a possible overdose. We don't see the kids that often, but they look like they are 15 maybe 16 at the oldest. Pretty young to me. I am hoping that everything is ok. We have had no word yet.

Its raining again today. I think my toes are starting to web together. This must be what it is like to live in Seattle. We have lots of standing water around the neighborhood. The ground is very saturated. I keep an eye on the tree in the backyard to make sure it decides to remain in its original upright position.

I have been doing some knitting. I started a "baby gnome" hat from my "One Skein Wonders" book and have been working on my house socks for me. I have so many UFOs floating around here, I really need to buckle down and finish a few. I need to dig out the blanket I was making for Eli's baby and figure out my mistake and get it back on track. Baby will be 1 in April. I also want to make some more socks for Bob out of my stash yarn. He really likes the thick worsted weight socks in the warehouse in the winter months. They keep his feet toasty!

Well back to the knitting!

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Theresa said...

NOPE! It rarely rains like this in Seattle. It may rain little bits more often but only when a HUGE storm comes through does it rain like it does in Sacramento where the sky rips open and gully washers drop out! :o)(I grew up 25 miles north of Seattle)