Saturday, January 19, 2008

Chuck's hat

Just before Christmas, my adopted son, Chuck, (Not really adopted, not really my son, but that's another story) began whining for me to knit him a hat.

"What color would you like?"

"Oh any color is fine."

"How about this yarn."

"I don't like that color." (Repeat about 40 times)

He finally decides on Bernat Denim style in faded khaki (green, since he is an A's fan).

I start the hat and add it to all the rest of my Christmas knitting. I finally get it done and give it to him just after Christmas.

"Oh, this will be so great to wear at work and keep my head warm! Thanks Mom!"

Next time I come to the warehouse to pick up Bob, there is Chuck. Not wearing my hat.

"Where's the hat son?"

"Oh, I forgot to wear it." "Its at home." "I'm saving it for good."

This goes on for a couple of weeks until one night at bowling he admits that he lost the hat. Or, his psycho ex-sperm receptacle took it when she moved out, he's not sure. (I do not like her, can you tell? I think women who break windshields and run naked through parking lots may have a few screws loose)

For a non-knitter, this may not seem like much, but it is. When you take the time to craft something for another person, its a labor of love. You put a lot if time and effort into a project. As I knit I think about who I am making the item for and I really try to make something they will really enjoy.

I told him I was disappointed that he lost the hat. His response "Does this mean you aren't making me something for my birthday next month?" I exercised a great deal of restraint in not strangling him.

Yesterday, a miracle occurred. He found the hat and started wearing it. Good thing too. I made a resolution not to smack the crap out of people who really deserve it and he was pretty close to making me break that one!

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bev said...

Having 2 of those "adopted" sons and both whining for knitted items, I would suggest you smack him just for good measure! Take that you hat misplacing goon!!!!! (that is what I would say as I smacked said "son" upside the head)
Great pic too.