Friday, November 19, 2010

Flying Walendas vs. WWF Smackdown

Its a quiet Friday evening and I am sitting in the den listening to the sounds of the rain falling outside and the sounds of what could very possibly be the "Flying Walendas vs. WWF Smackdown" going on in the living room. Those sounds can only mean that Mo and Gracie are at it again.

While Sayuri and Miss Itty Bitty want nothing to do with the interloper, she has found a playmate in MoMo. Pretty amazing considering Mo is referred to around here as "Wussy Pussy" and has a fear of potholders thanks to Bob. I really don't think he realized she is going to get bigger and kick his ass.

No one is safe from Gracie. Walking down the hall mean you are subject to attack from "Ninja Kitty" who will fly out of the shadows, bite your ankle or toe and then disappear back into the shadows. I have also been rudely awakened on several occasions by a small grey ball of fur flying at my face. If I am lucky the claws are in and I don't have to head to work looking like the victim of some tragic farming accident.

Mo has his quirks too. He loves to chew on my hair. One day he was tearing around the house like something was out to get him. Turns out he had a dangly poo hooked to one of my hairs that had passed through and every time he stopped running, momentum would cause it to hit him in the butt which led him to think he was being attacked and take off running again. When hubby and I finally stopped laughing, we caught him and rescued him from the "Attack of the Dangly Poopie".

Now as I type this, Gracie is sprawled across my shoulder, purring like mad. Usually we declare the den a "cat free zone" because Gracie thinks the computer is a cool cat toy that is warm and has lots of dangly things attached. When you try to retrieve her from the tower cubby, it becomes a game of "Attack the Finger Monsters" Gracie has yet to grasp the concept that "skin" is different from "clothing".

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Peruby said...

Too funny! I love my cats! Thanks for the chuckles this morning.