Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild Weather Wednesday

Today being payday and a day off for both Bob & I meant a trip to the $200 Store aka Costco. The weather was very blustery and we had to be careful to avoid tree branches and debris. When we got out of the truck and started walking to the entrance a gust of wind came up and ripped the broken trim on the tail gate and sent it flying about 20 feet. The wind was worse when we got out. We walked around the corner of the building and it hit us full force. Now I am not a "petite person" by a long shot and it almost knocked me off my feet. Bob and I struggled with our carts to the truck and then tried to balance on one foot, hold the shell open, load groceries and keep the carts from escaping. Who says we don't lead an adventurous life! After a stop at Babetta's to drop off our donation to the food bank (She collects canned good in the shop for the local food bank at the Lutheran Church at San Juan and Fair Oaks. I like it because I really feel like I am helping the people in my own neighborhood as they cover Carmichael, Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights) we headed home. A brief trip to the grocery store for the things we didn't need a year's supply of and then home to watch "Up" (I cried) and later to watch "The Hangover" (It better be as good as everyone says!) The weather seems to have calmed down a bit so we have a brief break until the next round hits.

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