Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bob Broke the Truck

Bob (DING) did something (DING) to the truck (DING) yesterday (DING)It was (DING) working fine (DING) when I (DING) was driving, (DING) but somehow (DING) the alarm bell (DING) that sounds (DING) when (DING) the door (DING) is open (DING) and the truck (DING) is running (DING), or if the (DING) lights (DING) are on (DING) when the truck (DING) is off (DING) is stuck in (DING) the on position(DING)It can be a little (DING) annoying(DING). My solution (DING) is to turn up (DING) the radio. (DING) (Its not working well)

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