Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Bathroom

I will be coming home today to a new bathroom. This has been an ongoing process. It started when we noticed a leak in the pipe leading to the toilet tank had caused softening of the linoleum. Bob ripped up the floor. I have always wanted tile so we looked at tile at Home Depot. In the meantime, the bathroom floor has been down to the floor framing. This has been kind of freaky when you realize that you can see into the crawl space. As the sun is going down, the light coming through the vents would cause an eerie glow coming up from below the floor. (No more Stephen King books for me!)

So Bob finally went out a few weeks ago and out down the backer board for the tile. He cut it to fit perfectly, but forgot about the fact that the sink and toilet roll holder stick out so he gouged the wall a few times. We had hoped not to have to paint, but Bob took care of that.

Last night we pickled out and bought paint and new towel bars. Today, Bob is painting so hopefully next week he will tile. I will be so glad when this is done!

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bev said...

Pictures of the progress might be nice. I am such a voyeur. Sounds like you have some work ahead yet.