Sunday, October 5, 2008

America's Heartland

I am getting pretty tired of the media and people on the editorial page putting down people who live in the heartland as dumb hicks who stand around with a stalk of grass in their teeth, drinking a six pack and scratching their ass.

My Grandparents were from the heartland. They were good, decent, hardworking people. They has strong values, believed in God,and did not ask for anything. They did not believe so much in "hand outs" as in "a hand up". They probably would have given you the shirt off their back if you asked. They were intelligent and well read. (Intelligent people believe in God too! An intelligent person knows that they are not the center of the universe!)

The only time the media seems to care about what the heartland thinks is when the Iowa caucuses roll around. The rest of the time they seem to think of them as dumb rednecks and that the only people whose political opinions matter are the ones that live in "the big city". Well frankly, I would rather listen to someone from the heartland who knows the meaning of hard work, commitment and sacrifice than some politician from the "big city" who can't give you a straight answer to any questions.

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