Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ticket to Paradise

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed that my Mother came to visit. Now having your Mother come to visit is not a strange thing, but my Mother passed away in 2002 and she was visiting from Heaven. It was the last day of her visit and she was sitting on her end of the couch and I was laying with my head in her lap like I did when I was a child. I was telling her how much I enjoyed seeing her again and I wished she could stay longer or come back again. She told me she didn't think she could, but she would see what she could do and I had to hurry to get her to the airport. We got to the airport and went past the regular terminals to one where the destination read "Paradise". People who were saying good-bye were sad, but those getting on the plane were so happy and excited. I couldn't help thinking how wonderful it would be if we were able to just go to the airport to pick up up loved ones who have passed on and bring them back for a visit. It was also wonderful to see how happy the Departing Passengers were.

I woke up sad and happy: sad from missing my Mother, but happy knowing she is happy where she is at. (Of course, I might be in trouble when my time comes because I hate to fly!)

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Theresa said...

What a bittersweet dream. I have dreamed a couple times of my Dad and my friend Laura who died of cancer. The hardest part is waking up and sorting out truth from fiction. I hope it was of some comfort to you in your grieving process with your Mom though!