Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't touch anything else!

I love my husband...but....sometimes...

Let me clarify. He is in a phase right now where things seem to go wrong or break when he touches them. It started last night. He was tired when came home form work and a little cranky. He asked is he could use the computer. I finished what I was doing and switched screen names. Then the fun started.

"What did you do to the mouse?"
"Nothing but clean it."
"Well you must have broken it, its not working now."
"Was working fine for me after I cleaned it."

Cursing ensues.

"Fine! I'm logging off"

Today, when Bob picked me up from work he told me "You better use the bathroom before we go home." This is never a good sign.

Bob finished tearing out the linoleum in the bathroom earlier today. (We had some water damage from a leaking toilet tank and are replacing the flooring with tile.)Just before he came to pick me up from work, he decided to see if I was right about where the water shut off valve to the house was. (I grew up in this house, but that did not make a difference) He turned the spigot and went in the house to check to see if it was off. It was. He went back outside to turn it back on. It just spins. No water. Oh joy. I have a bathroom with no floor. A toilet bolted on plywood that I have had to bucket flush the past few days and now no water.

Bob does not seem to understand about women and bathrooms. When he started tearing out the floor, he asked me if I could avoid using the bathroom for 3 days. I told him only if he no longer wanted a wife. I guess he will have to build me an outhouse.

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Anonymous said...

Now you know why he bought you yarn. He felt this coming on.