Saturday, December 1, 2007

December is Here

Well, here it is. The first day of December. I have been knitting up a storm trying to finish Christmas gifts. My problem is I have a terrible case of startitis. I want to knit something new! I have all this stashed yarn that is calling to me. I have to be strong and not listen. I have to finish up the projects left for Christmas. Or at least free up some needles.

Hubby is starting the outdoor decoration of the house. I have to monitor his progress or our house will look like the Griswold house in Christmas vacation. I think his ultimate goal is to have the house visible from space. I just hope that we do not overtax the wiring on the house. We learned last year that if the Christmas lights are one you can't use the microwave or you will blow the fuse. (Rewiring the house is on the big to do list). I also help with design features. ("No Honey. I don't remember the bible mentioning a snowman bring gifts to baby Jesus so put the snowman elsewhere.")

We are getting ready to get our tree. Having a tree and 3 cats is always an experience. I have learned that they do not like tree skirts. (Cats are so good at expressing their dislike of things with bodily functions) I remember the first year I had a cat. I was sitting on the couch reading and suddenly I saw an ornament fly off the tree and across the room. This was odd. Suddenly another flew in the opposite direction. At that same moment I noticed that my tree had suddenly grown a tail. I parted the branches to find a very innocent looking Sayuri looking at me trying to convince me that "it wasn't her!" When I was a kid we just had a problem with dogs eating the popcorn strands and the occasional piece of tinsel. (Made for very festive poops in the back yard!) Mom always hung bells on the bottom of tree so she would know when someone was messing with the tree. (Kids are as bad a s cats & dogs) I continue that tradition of the bells.

Found this in the paper and I can relate!

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