Friday, May 14, 2010

Where is America

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Where is America

Where is America? Has anyone seen her? I know she is here because I saw her about 9 years ago when she was knocked down. We all helped pick her up, dusted her off and showed her that we cared. We flew her flag everywhere, from houses and cars to bridges and mountains. But now I don't see her. I only hear about her briefly. What happened to the days when we sacrificed for her? Did she see how empty and selfish we have become and leave? The flags are not as common as they used to be, the support for our country is fading and I am afraid that if we don't find it she may never come back.

What happened to the days when we believed in what America did regardless of what our personal thoughts were? Are the troops the only ones who still think that way? Why is it that we rush home to see the chaos and turmoil on our TVs but won't attend a flag raising ceremony or a veteran's parade? Why is it more important to know what movie star is dating what movie star than what our troops have accomplished on the war front. Why is military service looked at as a last chance escape for troubled youth? Why does it always have to be someone else's responsibility to fix a problem or serve in the military? Why do we have to get approval to be patriotic in our neighborhoods or work places? Why are there so many organizations against the military and our country and only a handful for them? Why do the media organizations only report that negative aspects of the war and not the positive?

How come in 1943 Americans worked 24 hours a day to rebuild our Naval Fleet now it takes five years just to develop a single test vehicle? Is it money or technology that has slowed it down? The World War II generation is known as the greatest generation, yet if you ask Americans from that generation what made them great they will probably tell you nothing. They just did what Americans had always done. Were they great because of the heroism they showed or was it their undying devotion that they showed to their country? How come today we care more about ourselves than each other? Does anyone remember the words John F. Kennedy spoke? "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

I still believe in this country because I have seen that compassion and love we are known for. We ban together to rebuild and restore other countries when they are in need, yet while helping others while simultaneously ignoring our own. When other countries fall on hard times America is there to help in any way we can. We do it because we are America and that's what we do. When our country was devastated by September 11th and Hurricane Katrina, we did not expect any help from anyone else, because we our America and we take care of ourselves. Why does it take a catastrophic event for us to show we care?

I constantly hear how messed up our country is. If we are so messed up why do people still immigrate here? If we are such a selfish and ruthless country why do so many still come here looking for a better life? Maybe it's because they believe in America more than we do. Maybe that's why some of the other countries hate us so much, because we take our own country for granted. In my short time on earth I have seen this country do some amazing things and show more compassion than I ever thought was humanly possible. We go further and further into debt yet will not stop rendering aid and money to those less fortunate than we are. We have stepped up and defended the weak and abused of this world. We have shed blood on foreign soils all for the greater good of other countries as well as our own.

I understand war is an ugly thing, as do most members of the military. It takes the lives of our loved ones before we are ready to let them go. However, war is a sad reality of life due to the fact that there are individuals out there that have an obsession with power rather than an obsession with love. I believe in peace and think that world peace would be a wonderful thing, but in order to have that peace we must stand in front of the Sword of war and fight it until it is beaten. That can only be done if we all stand together for a greater cause and not our own individual cause.

Look around you and see how much of America you see and then think about how much you could see if we stopped worrying about trivial things that have no impact on our country. America is missing because she is out looking for Americans! Will she find you? I along with my fellow service members serve everyday knowing that it is my responsibility to protect this great country and her people at any cost. Reading this should not make you rush out and get a flag to hang up or a sticker to put on your car; it should make you proud to know that you are an American. It isn't just that sticker or flag that makes you a Proud American; it is how you show it.

Remember this, great people step up every day to serve this country and sacrifice their lives and their dreams so that we don't have to. Are you that person? Regardless of what your political affiliation is, what your beliefs are, or what you might call your greater being support your country, support your military, and love America for it is truly the land of the free and the home of the brave.

How American are you? Answer these questions and see if you are guilty of being American.

What would you be willing to sacrifice so that our troops could have more?

Would you take the bus instead of driving so that the fuel you use could be used for the troops?

Would you take a pay cut so that the extra money could be put into saving the lives of Americas troops?

What would you think if your child told you they wanted to serve in the military?

There are lots of right and wrong answers. What do your answers say about you as an American and us as a country?

GySgt Micheal D. Travers
RSS Eugene, Oregon

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