Monday, November 10, 2008

Lucky to Be Alive

I love my husband very much. That does not mean that I don't get the urge to kill him sometimes.

My husband snores. Loudly. In the time we have been married, I have gotten used to his snoring. In fact when he stops snoring it will wake me up and I will poke him to make sure he is still breathing.

The other night after waking up from a nightmare involving large spider webs and my cousins, I decided to visit the bathroom before going back to bed. When I got back in bed, Bob was not snoring. I put my hand on him and he was not moving. I felt in a different spot and still no breathing. At least I knew he had not been dead long as he was still warm. I am starting to panic a little so I go to check his pulse at his throat at which point he starts giggling "I'm alive!". He heard me get up and when I came back to bed he thought it would be funny to hold his breath to scare me. I did not find this very amusing at the time and called him a very specific portion of anatomy.

He is lucky I love him.


Anonymous said...

So glad your dear @$$Hole is still alive!

Gomerriffic said...

I think lucky to be alive sums it up! I do the same thing, checking if the hubby is breathing when he stops snoring. I would go get ice water the next time he tries that!

Curlyredheadgirl said...

Holy moly! That sounds like somethin my husband who also snores like a madman would do!!! I thought you were going to say something horrible that would have made you miss Thursday night knitting! We can't have that!! Glad to hear that he is fine and you will be at knitting!

bev said...

I lie awake at night wishing my hubby would stop snoring. Now, maybe I will still wish he would stop, but check his pulse when he does.
Too funny!

And spider webs? Cousins? Curiosity here.

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