Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Event at the Kitty Olympics

Miss Itty Bitty felt somewhat left out of yesterday's entry and has come up with her own "subtle" form of attention getting.

First, you must understand that MoMo and Sayuri do not like Miss Itty Bitty Kitty and as most cats do, they express their displeasure with bodily fluids. To protect Miss Itty Bitty's bed (and my sanity) we have placed her bed on top of the china hutch in the dining room. Itty Bitty is the only one of the cats able to leap that high and she enjoys being able to survey her domain from its lofty heights.

The other day, I discovered a hair ball on the lower portion of the hutch. Using my observational skills from watching too many episode of CSI, I determined from the hairball and surrounding detritus that it had fallen from a distance. I found this rather curious.

A few days later while sitting on the couch, I heard the familiar sound that all cat owners know too well: "HAAAK, HAAAK, HAAK!" I looked over in time to watch Itty Kitty cough a hairball from her perch atop the china hutch. I saw her shake her head and could almost hear the inner monologue. "Hmmm, with a little more loft I could probably get enough distance to land one directly on the dining room table."

I frantically rushed for the tube of Catlax while contemplating the implications this would have for my next dinner party. Watching the competition of "Hairballs for Distance" would certainly throw a monkey wrench into most social occasions!

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bev said...

Gosh, I have missed reading your blog posts. Come back after a couple weeks and you have gone off the deep end. Your cats talk, you watch WAAAAy too much CSI and hairballs are flying around your dining room.

I now have my computer covered in a clear plastic bag to protect it from my reading of your blog!