Friday, April 4, 2008

Conspiracy Theory Part II

Hmmm... What is Mom doing?

She looks so relaxed and seems to be enjoying herself with those 2 pointy sticks and some string.

That can't be right. She can't be enjoying herself doing something that doesn't involve me! Maybe I can get Mo to distract her and I can help her with that.

"Hey, Mo! Distract Mom by looking cute!"

"Leave me out of this. You are cutting into my quality nap time."

Hmmm... maybe while she is watching CSI I can stretch out and grab one of those sticks...

AHA! Victory is mine! Uh oh. Why is Mom yelling about loosing count and dropping a stitch? She should be happy about me wanting to spend quality time with her. Hey! I thought you liked tooth marks on your pointy sticks! What's that she is saying about kitty shish kebabs? I better go hide and figure out some way to blame this on the dogs. First, let me try some Jedi mind control.

"This is not the cat you are looking for. Go on about your business"


Kimberly said...

hee hee, little bastards... my cats always ignore me until I pull out the knitting & then suddenly all 4 want in my lap!

I hope you were able to salvage the knitting!!

Theresa said...

Loved seeing all the cat pictures. The last one just cracked me up! LOL

bev said...

Now look at what you have gone and done! I spewed my vodka/tonic all over my laptop! Waaaaag!!!!! Jedi mind control!!! Your cat is pretty smart - my 18 year old son tries that and fails miserably. Still lmao.