Friday, September 10, 2010

Last night I took Gracie & George to Knit Night were the ladies surprised me with a "Kitten Shower". All the attention wore Gracie out.

The Dears made the kitten sweaters, a blankie and bought them lots of toys. Good thing too. The shower items will come in handy because this morning my phone rang at 6:30am. It was Bob.

“Guess what?”
“You found another kitten?”
“Guess again.”
“You found 2 kittens?”
“Guess again.”

Yes, they found 3 more kittens in the warehouse this morning. That brings the total up to 5. The record for most kittens in a litter is 15 so I REALLY hope Momma Cat is not an overachiever!

Luckily 2 were adopted by one of the salespeople so only 1, the frightened one in the 3rd shot came home with Bob.

George and the new kitten are both happy with solid food. Gracie is still bottle feeding.

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