Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mystery Swap Package!

Its always a good day when a package arrives in the mail. Especially when it involves yarn and goodies. I received my package from my Mystery Swap Partner, Tiffany, who chose "Japan" as her theme. Being that she lives in Japan, she had a head start.

There is a great book of knitting stitches. Its written in Japanese, but they chart everything so I should be able to figure everything out pretty easily.

The yarn reminds me of green tea ice cream. Not sure what I will make from it yet.

And the dpns! I have never seen dpns this long! (See quarter for comparison) I told Bob I could knit socks for Bigfoot now if I had to.


bev said...

What a fun package! The book has me curious...

Tiffany said...

Those knitting needles are one of my favorite finds here in Japan... smooth needles in all different sizes for 100 yen (about $1). I just got different sizes (because you never know when you will need size 13 DPNs) and usually I use them to make hats, or will use just two of them for a small project (dishcloths or whatever I feel like). I hope you are able to find some sort of use for them.
And the book is VERY easy to use. If you can read a knitting chart, then you can use those. I love those Japanese stitch guides.