Monday, February 4, 2008

Up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a Plane. Its...THE SUN!

YAY! The sun is shining! I had almost forgotten what it looked like! Even with the sun out, there is still a chill in the air and a brisk breeze to boot.

I have finally decided I can face the baby blanket I am making for Eli's son. I made a boo boo on it and couldn't face it for months. Well, now I have frogged back to where I screwed up and fixed the problem. I can move on and maybe finish it before his 1 year birthday in May.

I have been in the mood to finish projects that have been languishing and to work through some of my stash. I intend to take advantage of this mood for as long as it lasts! I am also slowly working my way through the craft room to redo things in there. (So many projects, so little time)


Theresa said...

Yes, wasn't the sun and blue skies wonderful? Now if the outdoor temps can go a bit above refrigerator level I can go out in the mornings with my kids and get the yard cleaned up.

You asked what class I am taking - it's the class to knit from the silk hankies that is on the 20th. I bet the needle felting was fun, but I'm trying not to collect any more hobbies! :o)

bev said...

There seems to be a "Finish the UFOs" bug in the air. Very productive virus, I must say. Get some pictures of those items posted so you can be cheered along...or maybe rasberried for working too fast!

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the photo of Professor Snape (aka Alan Ricman) holding the Knitting magazine -- if he knits -- I haven't noticed this scene in any HP I've watched LOL!!!